39th Shared Awareness Meeting

On 14 October 2021, the 39th SAM (shared awareness meeting) was held, co-organized by the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) Singapore and the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA). More than 240 participants from 30 countries, comprising key stakeholders from the shipping industry and maritime security agencies, took part in this event.

The objective of this virtual meeting was to review the maritime security situation in the IFC’s area of interest (Southeast Asia), but also in other regions of the world. CDR Eric Jaslin, commanding officer of the MICA Center, had the opportunity to give an update on the Gulf of Guinea, and to remind shipowners of the advantages of joining the Voluntary Naval Cooperation (VNC).

Link to the IFC press article: https://www.mindef.gov.sg/web/portal/navy/pressroom/articles/2021/14oct21_article

The MICA Center Commander officer visits OHQ Atalanta in Rota

The European operation Atalanta aims to fight against maritime insecurity in the Gulf of Aden and the Somali basin. In particular, it relies on one of the three cells of the MICA Center, the “Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa” (MSCHOA), whose role is to monitor vessels transiting in this area, and to ensure the permanent reception and relaying of alerts in case of an event.

The MICA Center commanding officer, accompanied by a delegation from the MSCHOA, visited the Operation Head Quarter (OHQ) Atalanta, based in Rota (Spain), on October 13 and 14. After the visit to the MICA Center in May of the Operation Commander, Vice Admiral José María Nuñez Torrente, this visit once again contributed to the mutual knowledge of the teams and strengthened ties.

Link to EUNAVFOR tweet: https://twitter.com/EUNAVFOR/status/1449300342815010818

A new commander for the MICA Center

On Thursday 2 September 2021, Vice-Admiral Olivier Lebas, Maritime Prefect, Commander of the Atlantic Maritime District, officially appointed Commander Eric Jaslin as the new Commander of the MICA Center. He replaces Lieutenant-Commander (CC) Gilles Chehab.

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Rendez-vous PARISMAT

Organised by the Comité d’Etudes et de Services des Assureurs Maritimes et transports (CESAM), the annual PARISMAT meeting took place at La Maison de la Chimie on 28 and 29 June 2021.

PARISMAT is a meeting place for the transport insurance industry. It normally brings together more than 600 delegates, representing some forty foreign countries, to discuss issues affecting the insurance market.

The MICA Center commanding officer presented his latest statistics on maritime security and, in particular, the problem of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, the most dangerous area in the world.

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A study on maritime piracy has been carried out by the Global Maritime Crime Programme of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The study was funded by the Government of Denmark through the Danish Maritime Security Programme for the Gulf of Guinea 2019-2021.

It provides a detailed description of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, including lesser known aspects such as the organisation of pirate groups and the financial flows generated by this criminal activity.

The study is available under the link :