Wednesday, 05th february 2020 : Kongelig Norske Marine Chief of Staff visit to Brest

In the framework of the military cooperation relations between the French navy and the Norwegian Navy, Rear Admiral Nils Andreas StensØnes, Chief of Staff of the Kongelig Norske Marine, visited Brest on Wednesday 05 February 2020.

The visit was an opportunity for the two friendly countries to exchange and share their perceptions of the security situation at sea and to further strengthen the prospects for cooperation between the two nations in the fight against maritime crime.

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Maritime Piracy : a latent danger

Interview with Capitaine de Vaisseau Eric LAVAULT, Commander of the SIRPA Marine (French Navy’s information and public relations service).

Thursday, 23th January 2020: Jean-Charles Larsonneur visit to the MICA Center

In response to the invitation of Vice-Admiral Jean-Louis Lozier, Maritime Prefect of the Atlantic, Jean-Charles Larsonneur, Member of Parliament for the Second constituency of Finistère, visited the MICA Center.

The center’s current resources and challenges were presented throughout the visit with, as a backdrop, the global assessment of the year 2019 concerning events related to piracy and robbery. The specificities of each office have been detailed as well as the necessary trust established between the MICA Center and the maritime industry.

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Wednesday, 22th january 2020: Norwegian delegation visit to the MICA

The Norwegian Shipowner’s Association and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent the morning of 22 January at the MICA Center.

Norway has a large merchant fleet of more than 1,800 ships. It plays a major role in trade flows, on all seas and oceans, with approximately 900 freighters and passenger ships. The other half of the fleet is made up of vessels specialized in oil exploitation.

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Wednesday, 15th January 2020: DNK visit to the MICA Center

Mr. Freddy Furulund, Director of Operations at “The Norwegian Shipowners’ Mutual War Risks Insurance Association” (DNK), spent the day on the 15th January at the MICA Center.

Hijackings, kidnappings, ransom demands… Threats are multiplying on the seas all around the world leading to the need for a special insurance as there are many risks for the Norwegian fleet, which is among the largest.

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Thursday, 9th January 2020: A delegation from the National Coordination Centre for Maritime Cybersecurity (CNCCM) visits the MICA Center.

The world of maritime transport is both constrained and non-standard. It combines the gigantic size of ships with the isolation, complexity and harshness of life at sea. The role of man is essential while leaving more and more room for digital technology. Thus, the players in the maritime world must mobilize to face up to the ever-increasing number of cyberspace risks, whose most catastrophic scenarios would be unacceptable, whether from a geopolitical, political, human, environmental or economic point of view.

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