Worldwide events : 222
From 01/01/2021 to 09/01/2021
Acts of piracy : 59
From 01/01/2021 to 09/01/2021
Number of kidnapped : 50
From 01/01/2021 to 09/01/2021

The French expertise center dedicated to the worldwide maritime security.

A center of expertise

The Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center (MICA Center) is the French analysis and assessment center for worldwide security of maritime areas.

A steady monitoring

The MICA Center is 24/7 monitoring, assessing and alerts incidents that affect worldwide maritime security by the collaborative work of about thirty experts from French and foreign partner navies.

A worldwide vocation

Working with centers of expertise and agencies spread from all over the world, the MICA Center has trust-based relationships with the worldwide maritime industry.

Latest news

A new commander for the MICA Center

On Thursday 2 September 2021, Vice-Admiral Olivier Lebas, Maritime Prefect, Commander of the Atlantic Maritime District, officially appointed Commander Eric Jaslin as the new Commander of the MICA Center. He replaces Lieutenant-Commander (CC) Gilles Chehab.

Since taking command in 2018, CC Chehab has been both a witness to and an actor in the transformation of the MICA Center. Until then, this center was not well known in the maritime world; Lt Cdr Chehab has therefore focused during his command on strengthening and consolidating the place of the MICA Center on the national and international scene to make it a key player in maritime security.

Two objectives guided me throughout this period: the first was to recruit motivated personnel while providing them with the material means necessary to meet the expectations of all the players; the second was to deepen relations with the maritime industry, both national and international.” Lt Cdr Gilles Chehab 

Commander Eric Jaslin began his career in the Navy in 1995 as a reserve officer in active service. In this capacity, he served nearly a year and a half on a Tripartite Mine Hunter. After passing the competitive examination for the Fleet Military School, he joined the Naval Academy in 1997.

In parallel to a rich career at sea and on operational deployments, he has held the position of Exchange Officer in the British Navy, at the Britannia Royal Naval College, and more recently that of Naval Liaison Officer at the US Sixth Fleet Headquarters in Naples.

He also served as commanding officer of the training ship Leopard and the group of French training vessels.

Rendez-vous PARISMAT

Organised by the Comité d’Etudes et de Services des Assureurs Maritimes et transports (CESAM), the annual PARISMAT meeting took place at La Maison de la Chimie on 28 and 29 June 2021.

PARISMAT is a meeting place for the transport insurance industry. It normally brings together more than 600 delegates, representing some forty foreign countries, to discuss issues affecting the insurance market.

The MICA Center commanding officer presented his latest statistics on maritime security and, in particular, the problem of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, the most dangerous area in the world.


A study on maritime piracy has been carried out by the Global Maritime Crime Programme of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The study was funded by the Government of Denmark through the Danish Maritime Security Programme for the Gulf of Guinea 2019-2021.

It provides a detailed description of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, including lesser known aspects such as the organisation of pirate groups and the financial flows generated by this criminal activity.

The study is available under the link :

Participation of the MICA Center in SHADE 48

Because maritime insecurity prevails in some areas of the world, it is important that we all use the same terms to categorize illegal acts.

SHADE 48, which took place on 26 and 27 May and was chaired by EUNAVFOR Atalanta, was an opportunity for many centres to address this point.  The aim of this coordination is to be pragmatic, to be understandable by as many people as possible and to leave no room for interpretation.

The MICA Center was invited to present its categorization of events. Through the voice of its second-in-command, it presented the different definitions used in its cells and which are already shared by other organizations.

Cooperation between the MICA Center and the AGENOR mission

AGENOR, the European mission in the Persian Gulf, is the military component of the European Maritime Surveillance Initiative in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASOH).

Its aim is to preserve freedom of navigation in this sensitive area, which is essential for trade and energy supplies to Europe. AGENOR deploys surface ships and air assets to ensure a presence and surveillance of the area in accordance with international law, to ensure the freedom of navigation.

The MICA Center, a french centre dedicated to maritime security, has naturally developed a close cooperation with AGENOR, of which France is a framework nation.

Thanks to its Centre de Coopération Navale (C2N), which is in charge of voluntary maritime cooperation (CNV), the MICA Center ensures and facilitates the daily contacts between shipping companies and civilian ships and this European military operation.

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