The French expertise center dedicated to the worldwide maritime security.

A center of expertise

The Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center (MICA Center) is the French analysis and assessment center for worldwide security of maritime areas.

A steady monitoring

The MICA Center is 24/7 monitoring, assessing and alerts incidents that affect worldwide maritime security by the collaborative work of about thirty experts from French and foreign partner navies.

A worldwide vocation

Working with centers of expertise and agencies spread from all over the world, the MICA Center has trust-based relationships with the worldwide maritime industry.

Latest news

Gulf of Guinea : a pirate attack fails off Sao Tome

On the 14th of February 2020, the container ship Maersk Tema detected a suspicious small craft as she sailed 100 nautical miles (185 km) North-West of Sao Tome. The Marshall Islands flagged Maersk Tema transits between Pointe-Noire (Congo) and Lagos (Nigeria).

Immediately, 17 of the 21 crew members retreated in the citadel (a secret and secured stronghold on the ship), enabling them to escape from capture. The captain and three crew members staid on the bridge to make deflection maneuvers, like zigzags, with the aim to prevent the boarding. Despite these maneuvers, the pirates finally boarded the container ship. The team that had remained on the bridge and the captain quickly joined the citadel.

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Thursday, 13th february 2020: Admiral Danish Fleet visit to MICA Center

The Royal Danish Navy Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Torben Mikkelsen, was in Brest on Thursday 13th of February to meet the Admiral Commander-in-Chief for the Atlantic (CECLANT). The discussions focused on various subjects including maritime security for the benefit of the merchant navy.

The Admiral was very interested by his visit to the MICA Center. He has shown a particular interest to the French approach of maritime security through the Voluntary Maritime Cooperation.

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Wednesday, 05th february 2020 : Kongelig Norske Marine Chief of Staff visit to Brest

In the framework of the military cooperation relations between the French navy and the Norwegian Navy, Rear Admiral Nils Andreas StensØnes, Chief of Staff of the Kongelig Norske Marine, visited Brest on Wednesday 05 February 2020.

The visit was an opportunity for the two friendly countries to exchange and share their perceptions of the security situation at sea and to further strengthen the prospects for cooperation between the two nations in the fight against maritime crime.

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Maritime Piracy : a latent danger

Interview with Capitaine de Vaisseau Eric LAVAULT, Commander of the SIRPA Marine (French Navy’s information and public relations service).