The French expertise center dedicated to the worldwide maritime security.

A center of expertise

The Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center (MICA Center) is the French analysis and assessment center for worldwide security of maritime areas.

A steady monitoring

The MICA Center is 24/7 monitoring, assessing and alerts incidents that affect worldwide maritime security by the collaborative work of about thirty experts from French and foreign partner navies.

A worldwide vocation

Working with centers of expertise and agencies spread from all over the world, the MICA Center has trust-based relationships with the worldwide maritime industry.

Latest news

MDAT-GoG “Six-months” publication

In support of the Yaoundé Process, the MDAT-GoG, the Franco-British mechanism created in 2016, provides a permanent and coherent picture of the maritime security situation in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

In particular, its role is to alert all actors of the maritime industry of events occurring in the voluntary reporting area.

Thus, thanks to the reporting of ships and its network of contacts established in the Gulf countries, the MDAT-GoG has become the reference in the collect and dissemination of information related to the security of ships operating in the Gulf of Guinea.

All the events are listed in the “weekly” and “monthly” reports which can be downloaded from the MDAT-GoG website (see “partners” tab).  But the MDAT-GoG also produces the “six-months”. This document has just been published and it includes all the events that took place between 1 January and 30 June 2020.

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European-Led Maritime Awareness in the Strait Of Hormuz (EMASOH)

In 2019, growing insecurity and instability, which has resulted in numerous maritime incidents, have been observed in the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz, resulting in increased regional tensions in this area that is essential to global stability. This situation is also affecting trade and energy supplies, which may have economic worldwide consequences.

In this context, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal have decided to establish an European Maritime Surveillance Mission in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASOH) to maintain freedom of navigation in the area.

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The MICA Center at your side

The world is going through a huge crisis, all men, women are asking themselves questions, and so seafarers are asking themselves questions about their situation.

Faced with the health crisis that we are going through, the MICA Center is more than ever at the side of the maritime industry.

Because it is essential to be well informed and well protected during this exceptional situation, we remain mobilized to ensure the continuity of our missions at your service, accompanying and advising you 24/7, as we have been doing for several years. (Contacts)


The MICA Center invites you to read and apply the advice given in the BMP WA.

The maritime security situation off the west coast of Africa is complex. The BMP WA is written and published to assist ships and mariners in adopting behavior that should prevent them from becoming victims of maritime incidents in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

In particular, the publication aims to assist ships in planning their voyage and in detecting, avoiding, deterring, delaying and reporting attacks against them.

The consequences of the lack of effective security measures can be serious, as some pirates subject their crews to ill-treatment and long periods of captivity.

Other attacks demonstrate that, even if kidnapping is unsuccessful, there is evidence of intentions to damage ships, seize cargo and endanger lives.

Download the BMP WA HERE.